Beautiful Thug

"Oracle" By Lee Hoag At RoCo Members Show

I dropped off a “Crime Face” painting at RoCo, one of over two hundred and fifty entries to their annual Members Show. We stopped in the opening on Friday night and wandered about. It’s always fun to follow your eyes in such a crowded show, spotting friend’s art and brand new gems. I wasn’t crazy about the yellow dot voting thing. This show is open to all members and should be above the curator or pedestrian curator evaluation. What was percentage of blue sky that people voted for in that over the couch painting contest? Was that a pre-internet factoid? I liked Lee Hoag’s little tv in the round room. I can’t remember what it was saying.

We stopped by Abilene after the show to wish Danny and Al a happy birthday. It was good to see/hear “The Balloon Buffoon” behind the board again. I asked Richard Edic if he had a piece in the show and he said that he did. We missed that so we shall return. The show will look completely different without the crowds and the ticky tock music.

I lost my Guston book. The one with the big head on the cover. I checked under the bead and even under the covers. bought it over at the MAG’s gift shop and I’ve been reading (looking at it) at night. I know it will turn up but its been two days. I spent some time at the Ornette Coleman site, playing harmolodically on the home page.

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  1. At the time you wrote this, “Beautiful Thug,” now some nine years ago, I didn’t yet know you Paul. Seeing your FB post with a link to your “Pop Wars” finally made the connection of the blog writer. Thanks! So glad we have become acquainted. Really enjoyed our chat yesterday at the Mise En Place exhibition reception at the Little Gallery. The once per minute repeated message of my video sculpture, Oracle (2009), in the RoCo members show that year, stated, “To the essence of being, in all there is, you are one.” I showed it this past fall in my retrospective exhibition, HOAG/25 YEARS, at NTID/RIT Dyer Arts Center, Ohringer Gallery.

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