Dream Baby Dream

I got frantic call from Duane yesterday. He was trying to work with a batch of videos that were sent to him on a pc formatted hard drive and he couldn’t change the permissions on the files to move them to his Mac. While we tried a few work arounds he mentioned that was going to be having dinner with Alan Vega that night when they celebrated Howard Thompson‘s birthday. I started thinking about the time Peggi and I drove down to NYC after work to see them perform. We were just outside the city at about 10 pm when we stopped for gas. Jimmy Carter was president and the gas crisis was in full swing so we had a hard time finding a gas station that was open. We eventually ran out of gas and slept in our car in a gas station parking lot missing the show. Six months or so later we caught them at Max’s and it was unforgettable. They were so cool, so thrilling and dangerous sounding, they blew us away. We were sitting in one of those little tables up front and I was worried that Alan would pick our table to include in his menacing performance.

Duane posted this video of Suicide to his YouTube channel.


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