Nothing Lasts Forever

Peggi Fournier performing with Personal Effects at Scorgie's in Rochester, New  1983. Photo by Ed Richter.

I got completely sidetracked the last few days organizing my digital life. It started when I came across some early eighties Hi-Techs songs that were never released so I did a web page for that band and that project led directly to the next band, Personal Effects. I sorted through folders and folders within folders of old band photos and found the one above that I don’t remember seeing before. I created a mini website for the band just in time for the thirtieth anniversary of the Community Playhouse Multimedia Show.

Duane Sherwood wanted to get the band members together for a photo in front of the place to mark the anniversary but that wouldn’t have been as much fun as any of these old photos.

The band played the Scorgies Reunion a few years back and released a 20 song compilation cd. I have no idea why we didn’t put Bernie’s “What’s The Attraction?” on there or “Nothing Lasts Forever.” I guess that is what the website is for. Bob Martin says he has video of us performing “Is That All There Is?” so this may be an ongoing project for a defunct band. Hey, we played with “Defunkt” at Danceteria in New York.

Personal Effects - Nothing Lasts Forever
Personal Effects – Nothing Lasts Forever

Personal Effects – “Nothing Lasts Forever” from “It’s Different Out There”

More at the Personal Effects website

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