Tiny red mushroom in driveway

It as too hot for our tick gear this morning so we did a street walk in shorts and found ourselves at Kathy Krupp’s house. We were ringing her front door bell to say hi when a woman on the sidewalk, who was walking her dog, said, “I think she is out back mowing her lawn.” Sure enough. Her electric mower was so quiet we never would have guessed. Kathy has a gorgeous view of the bay out back and we took that in as we made plans to meet for lunch at Atlas Eats. But first we had to check in on my mom.

We found her in the tv room but the staff are the only ones who watch the tube. We asked if she wanted to take a walk and she did so we wheeled her out to the front of the building where there was all sorts of activity going on. We watched Phil Marshall sign in. He is a music therapist and he was visiting a client. He offered to play a song for my mom but she couldn’t remember any. Peggi remembered her liking Judy Collin’s “Both Sides Now” and I was thinking of the “West Side Story,” “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” soundtracks she used to play around the house. I remember coming home once and finding her in my room playing my copy of “Ladies of the Canyon.” Phil told us about an upcoming gig his band has, an opening set for Rochester’s Lydia Lunch on September 10th so we put that on our calander. Same day as we help John Gilmore move out of his house.

I ordered the Kimchee with tofu at Atlas Eats, the same thing I order every time we go there. They change their dinner menu every two weeks, darting around the globe as befits their name and this weekend it is Mediterranean. We might have to round up some friends and stop by for that.


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