Unity, Pride, Strength

Teamster truck and fans at Durand Eastman Beach on 4th of July

It was a perfect day for cruising along the lakeshore. Full sun but not too hot. The sand beach, which is still mostly underwater, was packed with bathers but most people arranged themselves on the lawn where the old railroad tracks were. Giant boom boxes were cranking competing salsa tunes and barbecue equipment was everywhere, even those stainless steel consoles that run on propane. One group was grilling a whole pig on a spigget rotating above a double wide oil drum cooker. The whole trick was riding our bikes slow enough to take this all in.

On top of it all, a super patriotic trucker drove slowly through the parking lot with a sound system mounted on the outside of its cab. The playlist included AC DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

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  1. Thanks for the great blog. That’s a great picture and it’s gratifying to know that our Union’s tractor/trailer makes an impact on people. That was a great day. Thanks!!!! Teamsters Local 118, Rochester, NY

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