My Family?

Pick-up truck with bumper stickers near Park

We occasionally see this pick-up sitting near the entrance to the park. He is probably out there walking a dog, we’ve never seen anyone getting in or out of the truck. Don’t know if anyone has seen “The Meyerowitz Stories” yet but there is a hilarious scene in there where the brothers, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler, try to beat the shit out of a car with sticks and stones. It is not that easy. Anyway, I thought of that scene when I saw this truck.

Elizabeth Marvel plays their sister, Jean. Her character works at Xerox and lives in Rochester. Dean & Britta do some of the music. Dean’s sister lives in Rochester.

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  1. Really? I didn’t know Dean & Britta did some soundwork for this. Awesome. I saw a truck, meanwhile, in Seabreeze, with the lower sticker. I figured whoever owned that truck was a Right Wing Nut Job. Turned out I had a charming conversation with an older man who was fretting about deer being shot by cross-bow (?) on his street by the Durand Eastman Park. He was so kind and gentle, and — it turned out — the owner of said truck with the offending sticker. I am not so moved by the recent attempt to have us all love our political enemies. In this case, however, I was oddly moved.

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