Tree Tats

Heavily tattooed  trees in Durand Eastman Park

Our snow has disappeared so we walked in the woods today. Odd how clunky the trail feels on the bottom of your feet after only a week of gliding through it on our skis. This trail, on the east side of Durand Lake, is a popular one for good reason. These heavily tattooed beech trees attest to that.

I must be running in the wrong circles because I can’t remember the last time I heard a really exciting local band, somebody doing something I haven’t heard before, something from left field. I keep running across bands that are all too eager to provide comfort food, pale imitations of what was once the good stuff. I know they’re out there. Like I said, “I’m running in the wrong circles.”

Black Thought from the Roots is wondering the same thing.
“We back again
For a couple things we lost in the fire
The drive, the desire to perform on a higher plateau
I’m at that show lost in the mire
Wondering how we got so far from inspired”

Thinking about checking Sirsy out tomorrow night at Three Heads.

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  1. Pitbull station on Sirius XM radio, Globalization, is playing a mix of Urban, Latin, Hip Hop, R&B that is the most creative, innovative music today. Maybe not for everybody, but that’s where I hear the cutting edge in music today. IMHO.

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