Big Snow

Four horses in Scotsville
Four horses in Scotsville

We met friends in Scotsville for a ski and some soup. We trudged through a corn field and then into the woods along the river. The water was high and it seems a little early for that. We came across four young horses and my fingers froze while I struggled to capture a photo.

There’s a house out back of us, down the hill and across the road. We’re not quite sure who lives there. A kid with a skateboard and at least four adults. Peggi thinks one of them is a bartender because of the hours they see. Their driveway is really steep and they don’t like to shovel so they are always struggling to get up it. Sometimes they give up and park in the road. On Friday night, when we got the big snow, one of the cars slipped off the driveway and partially down the ravine. It came to a halt against a tree and was as such an angle that I would have been afraid to swing the door open for fear that it would be just enough to roll the car.

So it sat there until tonight around dusk when first one and then another, bigger, tow truck showed up. There were five or six guys out there, smoking cigarettes and strategizing for at least an hour before they sprung into action. Peggi got out the binoculars and we watched someone climb a ladder and attach a pulley to a big tree. Someone else crawled under the car and attached a cable. We think the second tow truck also had a cable attached because he carefully positioned himself just before they began pulling. The car came up like a big fish on a line and they brushed it off and left. We left too, to see “Lady Bird.” I loved it.

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  1. The river is high because, during the thaw last week, the ice started to break up and created ice dams downstream. The water builds up behind them. There is nothing that can be done until a prolonged warmup. Flood warnings all over the northeastern US because of this.

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