Long Live Joywave


I think we first heard about Joywave from our tax preparer. The receptionist in his office was the mother of one of the band members. There are so many cool things about this band. The lead singer, Daniel Armbruster, for starters. A beautiful voice and so much fun to watch. Their website! When was the last time you had fun at a website? Back in the early web days for me.

There is the fact that they talk up Rochester every chance they get. They were cool as hell as “The Hoodies” right out of high school. Check them out restocking the shelves with their cd at a Rochester Best Buy. The coolest thing about them is they keep getting better. Most bands go in the other direction. Check out “It’s a Trip” from their new cd, “Content.” And with their incredible success they have released their own virtual currency #joycoin.

And then there is two striking similarities to a band I was in the early eighties. Joywave had their new album release party in the old revolving restaurant, the flying saucer like room that tops the old First Federal Bank. We wanted to go to that gig but tickets sold out way too fast. In 1983 we booked the Top of the Plaza for our first record release party. Joywave played the Planetarium and Personal Effects played there for three months in the mid eighties and recorded the soundtrack as our last album.


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  1. Here’s another reason to like them: they sponsor a team in the Southside Little League. Some lucky team has the Joywave logo on their jerseys. I think all bands should sponsor a Little League team. Or maybe youth soccer? Step up to the plate, Margaret Explosion.

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