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Mise En Place art group artist talk at the Little Theartre Cafe in Rochester, New York

I gather that Pete Monacelli put the Mise En Place art group together, a bunch of artists who meet once a week for lunch. They say they talk about art but Peggi and I met them one week, by chance, and the talk was what I would call free-ranging. We have gotten to know all these guys over the years and it was fun to hear them tell their familiar stories at the artist talk/closing party for their group show at the Little Theatre Café. A key member, Kurt Feuerherm, left before the talk and Bob Conge was recovering from an operation. My favorite part of the talk was when Bill Keyser, on the far right, spoke about how he was interested in found materials. He would finish a piece of furniture after working on it for a few months and come back into his studio to find a leftover piece of wood or odd cut that he found more intriguing than his piece.

Bill Keyser was in Fred Lipp’s painting class with me for many years. If you talked about what you were trying to do in Fred’s class he would say, “Don’t talk about It. Show me.” You can see three of Bill’s abstract paintings on metal panels in the blow-up of the photo above. I hope you can get over to see the show before it closes.

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