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Old subway bed under Broad Street Bridge in downtown Rochester, New York

Breakfast sandwiches are now a mainstay. How did that happen? Should we blame brunch? We had one this morning, along with a large coffee, at the Founder’s Cafe in the Academy Building on Fitzhugh Street. We were just upstairs from Edward’s Restaurant where we used to take Peggi’s parents when they came to visit. And we were right next door to the oldest public building in Rochester, “Two Saints Church.”

We started the day at the Co-op by parking our car in their lot and walking downtown. They’re building something on top of the old Lehigh Valley train station right next door to Dinosaur Bar-BQ. Those tracks went under the library and across the river under what is now the Broad Street Bridge. We peeked in and I took this photo. There is so much history here. It is time to celebrate it.

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