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Lester Beall drawings at RIT University Gallery

One of my favorite features of the map app on my tablet is its ability to suggest a restaurant. I’ve used in with great success in unfamiliar neighborhoods when we’re out of town but just as often when we’re in Rochester. We were on University Avenue, coming home from an art opening at RIT, and we found Fiamma Centro on nearby Elton Street. We found Roux on Park Avenue a few months back with the same feature. The function compliments the shuffle feature on my music library or shuffle slideshow feature on my photo library.

Lester Beall is the first Graphic Designer to have a one man show at MoMA.He was also creatively involved in drawing, painting and photography. These abstract drawings above predate Jackson Pollack’s work. In 2017 his son-in-law found a crate filled with Beall drawings done between 1946 and 1954 and they are on display now at RIT’s University Gallery. We saw the show yesterday afternoon and stuck around for Roger Remington‘s lecture on Beall’s contribution to American design language. My eyes were still dilated from an earlier eye doctor appointment so I was seeing starbursts around all points of light even with my dark plastic sunglass inserts.

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