Basque feminist mural in Puente La Reina
Basque feminist mural in Puente La Reina

We thought the seventeen caterpillar train was something until we came across a line that was 121 caterpillars long. All nose to butt as if they were connected by the shortest, invisible thread. From another vantage point someone is counting us pilgrims as we share the path.

The bridge in Puente la Reina was built for the pilgrims in the 1100’s and the town was named after the bridge. We had just taken a side trip, as if our journey is not long enough, to see the octagonal church built in the 1200’s, la Virgen Eunate, and we had tallied twenty miles por el dia. We were so tired when got here we stayed in for dinner. We ordered bacalao al pil pil, cod in garlic oil, and it sat on the plate under a pile of small clams and baby eel. The tv was on in the dining room, tuned to La Liga. Barcelona was leading Leganes 2-1 when Messi scored a miraculous goal.


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  1. Glad you did the side trip to Eunate. Also glad that Tom Burke clued me into your camino journey. 20 miles/day…more than what I did most days. Bravo…carry on! Use Compeed for your blisters.

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