Gran Via, Madrid, Easter Sunday
Gran Via, Madrid, Easter Sunday

An article we found here in the online version of the Times quoted Homer’s references to what became the Christian idea of personal resurrection. “You must endure, and not be brokenhearted. Once a man has died, and the dust has soaked up his blood, there is no resurrection.”

The resurrection as an article of faith is rather preposterous but as a miracle, why not celebrate it. We joined a big crowd in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor where a drum brigade from Cofrada de Cristo A La Cruz y de la Veronica were dressed in white ropes with purple sashes and touches of gold. Their drums were outfitted in the same Easter colors. The sound bounced off the walls of the plaza and carried us away.

The Picasso exhibit at Ciculo de Belles Artes, “Picasso y el Museo,” was astonishing. Nearly a hundred prints and a movie of Picasso drawing, all based on his hero’s of Spanish art, Velazquez, El Greco and Goya. The work dated from the thirties to the seventies and you are knocked out by his command. He is shown having so much fun riffing on the masters as only he could. It’s a miracle really.

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