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Bunkbeds in Albergue in Atapuerca, Spain
Bunkbeds in Albergue in Atapuerca, Spain

We never set the alarm at home, not even when we were working, so it’s a little strange to be startled by an alarm every day of our vacation. But if you’re gonna walk all day you might as well get going early.

We find ourselves entirely loopy after walking all day. Can’t think straight, walk right or even converse. There were quite a few climbs today and we clocked twenty three miles before stopping in Atapuerca, a town of 206 residents.

There are only a few hotels here and they are all full so we are staying in an Albergue, something like a youth hostel. It is a big room with maybe twenty bunk beds, no sheets or pillow cases and no heat. Blankets were provided but they look like they have been around the block. The proprietor pointed to a wood pile and told us we could start a fire in their wood stove if we wanted to. The cost is cinco Euros por la noche.

Spaniards eat their main meal in the early afternoon and we got here too late for that. We had to wait for the restaurants to open again at seven before sitting down for a meal and you can imagine how how hungry you are after walking all day.

Tomorrow we should be in Burgos. There are quicker ways to get there but none more rewarding.

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