Otra Iglesia

Walking to town of Cirauqui Spain
Walking to town of Cirauqui Spain

Living out of the pack on your back is entirely possible. Other than the clothes all you really need is a camera, an internet device and your charge card. And the similarity to a monk’s existence is driven home here at Albergue de Capuchinos in Estella, a former monastery, where we were given one towel and a stack of linen to make our own beds.

We walked in rain and mud today and in between we stopped at churches in every town we passed through. We have discovered that we’ve met our match and then some when it comes to visiting churches. The iconography, the religious myths, the relics, the ritual, the architecture and history and in my Irish cousin’s case, the faith itself are all a magnetic force. We are thrilled to be traveling with Maureen. She spotted the twelfth century church of Santa Catalina in Cirauqui when we were still a mile out of town.


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  1. I hope you have some photos from inside those churches…I bet they were amazing! Enjoy!

  2. Magnetic force…good description! Ha! I have that same pic, only I have it labelled as Cirauqui.I could be wrong. Great chocolate croissants in Estella! Chickens in the refugio…I know bc I slept with them.

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