Walk On The Wild Side

Sheep along the path to Burgos, Spain
Sheep along the path to Burgos, Spain

It was raining when we set out this morning for Burgos and we walked seven kilometers on a slippery, rocky path before stoping in the first town for café con leche y uno pincho de Tortilla Espanola. Unlike the first week of our Camino the towns are now mostly in valleys. The towns near the Pyrenees were all built on hills for medieval, defensive reasons. As we climbed out of town we came across a shepherd with an umbrella and a dog tending this huge herd of sheep. Peggi made an audio recording of their cowbells.

The way into Burgos was a bit of a slog, a long industrial stretch with nowhere to duck behind a bush for relief. The old section of the city though is very pretty with a bounty of cafes and restaurants. We had Pulpo y ensalada mixta con Valdeón y queso de cabra. Walk on the Wild Side was playing on the sound system.

The Cathedral in Burgos is astounding, a millennium’s worth of craftsmanship and over the top devotion. It completely drained us. Maureen stayed for the seven-thirty Pilgram’s mass and she was surprised to be the only pilgrim in the house.

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