Half Naked

Ray Turner paintings in Chelsea, NYC 2018
Ray Turner paintings in Chelsea, NYC 2018

“Turner presents a didactic deconstruction of the visual semantics behind recognizability of form through a parsing of the grey space of the half-formed, “half-naked” (the name of the show). Do you believe that gibberish? I like these Ray Turner paintings but I couldn’t possibly make it through the description that the Artman Gallery in Chelsea offered us. And rather than just letting us look at the paintings, the staff insisted on trying to engage us in conversation. We had no time for that, the galleries were closing and we still hadn’t made it to Hauser & Wirth.

Back at Duane’s we watched Cher videos on YouTube, her new versions of ABBA songs. Surprised how bad they were. We finished with Tammy Wynette’s. “Don’t Touch Me” and I woke up singing “Ass Magnet,” Sa Zu’s (Ken Frank) incredibly sticky dance hit.

On Saturday Duane offered us a choice of three walks, all loops from his apartment in Brooklyn. “Mother nature, quasi industrial or multi ethnic neighborhoods.” We chose the third and walked down Ocean Parkway, over to Coney Island Avenue and back to Church Avenue. Duane’s world, excellent!

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  1. It kind of became a Whitman Sampler so to be more specific for other worldly walkers –

    Down Coney Island Ave – thru Mexican, Pakistani & Banga Deshi areas into orthodox Jewish blocks, which then continued as we turned and went across Ocean Pkway, thru both mansion streets and rundown streets. It was sabbath so a lot of people were dressed up & on the street. Then over to McDonald Ave, under the elevated F Train where the chase scene from French Connection was shot, and up thru the industrial cement & brick factories, Auto repair places, industrial warehouses, etc. And then back home across the multi cultural shopping mecca of Church Ave. A lot of tree lined blocks so I guess Ma Nature got worked in too.

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