Funky West Side

Snowy west side Genesee River path
Snowy west side Genesee River path

We’re Abundance Food Co-Op members so we make a point of doing a big shop once a month for our 10% off. Before going in the store we walk down Averill to the river where we get on the River Path. We walk toward UR, formerly the UofR, and the path just keeps getting prettier. The campus is dreamy and I usually find myself wondering what it would be like going to school there but I snap out of that pretty quickly. There are three or four options for crossing the river but we usually cross on Elmwood Avenue and then come back toward downtown on the west side. The west side is wilder, less developed and a little lonelier but it is even prettier than the east side.

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  1. I can’t support Abundance- their pricing is insanely expensive. It used to be a people’s thing but they have totally lost any perspective. Literally twice what a place like Pricerite (my favorite store) charges for ordinary staple items. Hipster culture…

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