Three camouflaged deer on Hoffman Road in Rochester, New York
Three camouflaged deer on Hoffman Road in Rochester, New York

I know I’ve been out of sorts when I don’t find any interesting photos on my camera. It is always with me and I usually start a blog post by looking back at what I have brought home. And then I sort of write to the photo sometimes. Just as often the text has nothing to do with the visuals and that makes its own statement. It is at least a starting point.

It has been a few days and this is all I found. The deer are nearly camouflaged and the photo reminds me of those old Highlights magazines. I remember them in our house but I mostly remember them at Dr. Cleary’s, our family dentist. He had an office on the sixth floor of the Medical Arts building on Alexander Street and my mom would take all six of us, Amy wasn’t born yet, to the dentist at the same time. We usually all needed his attention but there wasn’t a babysitter if you didn’t. We devoured the Highlights magazines and there was always a feature where you had to find a list of things hidden in a photo. I’ve gotten pretty good at it but I could never spot these three deer before they spotted me.

Turns out our car is totaled so we took to the internet to shop for a new one and a few days slipped by. And then there was that whole day we spent looking for the title of old car. If they still made the Element we would already have a new one but they don’t make them anymore. Bob Martin thinks we oughta be looking at panel trucks.


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  1. Truth be told, my life has been spent cultivating an internal symmetric yin/yang balance of Goofus & Gallant.

  2. My brother had a ford transit express panel truck. It was fine but not very comfortable. He had it for work. He is driving an Audi wagon now. Go look at a Honda CRV. Lucia just bought one and she loves it. If I decide to drive again I’d probably do that. She had an Element, btw.

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