We Must Rebel Against Defeat

Security after WNY Flash game in Rochester, New York

We were going to take a day off from soccer but we got sucked into the England/Uruguay game this afternoon. We cheered for Australia yesterday and and then of course Spain, both to no avail. I even put on my España national team gear. And then we headed downtown for the Flash game. Insatiable, I guess.

You would think the World Cup would have spoiled us but the Flash are playing superbly. They were without their national team members last night but that hardly mattered. They played more like a team without Carly controlling play in the center and Abby Abby hulking near the goal.

Lydia Williams is solid in the goal. I’m not longing for Adrianna Franch with every shot on goal. Taylor and especially Reynolds are tough defenders and fun to watch. Zerboni, Salem and Losada are all hustlers in the midfield and able to turn the play around in surprising fashion. Adrianna is my favorite all around player. She is non-stop, free from her forward position but always moving to the right spot. A real pro. She would certainly be on our national team if she wasn’t from Spain. Samantha Kerr is wild. She had an amazing goal last night, from the far right corner over the goalie into the far left side of the net. And how could you not love the way Jasmyne Spencer plays. She is so tiny and so fast. She is a delight to watch as she maneuvers around opponents.

If I wasn’t afraid I’d miss the play I would join the “Flash Mob,” the rag tag percussion ensemble. They sit in stands behind the far goal and make the matches feel like they’re happening in a foreign country.

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