Mint Juleps

The Flash Mob with Todd Bradley Western New York Flash home opener 2015

We had to leave home before the race started so we missed this year’s running of the Kentucky Derby. Peggi and I went to it on our first date, the year Secretariat won, and lately we’ve been in the habit of driving or riding our bikes down to the lake to watch the race at O’Laughlins overlooking the river and Port of Rochester. But this year we had a conflict. The Flash were playing their home opener.

Kerry Regan and Claire pulled into the parking space next to us and they didn’t have tickets either so we bought four from a guy on the street for ten dollars each. Without Abby Wambach and Carli Lloyd and all the players they traded away, the attendance was way down so we ignored the seat assignments and sat where we wanted. And as luck would have it forwards Sidney Leroux and Jasmyne Spencer switched sides so we had a great view of the action.

The match was against Boston so I was hoping to see my favorite player in the league, Heather O’Reilly, but apparently they traded her to Kansas City. Kansas City will be here Friday to meet the Flash but by then all the national team players will be training for this summer’s World Cup.

The Flash played pretty good in the first half but dominated the game in the second and scored three goals against Boston’s Alyssa Naeher, the national team’s backup to Hope Solo. All three of the goals were solid. Sydney’s was picture perfect as she moved right and shot back to the left near the post. Kristin Edmonds is back on defense and playing like she really wants the ball. She’s always moving to an open space and covers a lot of ground. She plays like O’Reilly and I would put her at midfield if I was coach.

The Flash Mob, shown above, sounded better than ever last night, even added some new samba beats so it was no surprise to see Todd Bradley playing with them. He’s recently put together a Bossa Nova combo with his two brothers and Brian Williams.

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