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Leo Dodd Bobolink sketches from former meadows on Westfall Road

Miss the smell of the cigars that our former neighbor used to smoke in their backyard on a humid summer night. And I miss seeing his wife through the back porch windows, working away on her writing.

My father misses the Bobolinks that travelled all the way from Argentina to find a girlfriend in the former meadows off Westfall Road in the town of Brighton. He gave talk on Sunday to 30 or so people at the restored Buckland House which sits on the former Edmunds property there, surrounded by “improvements” that the Town has made in recent years. Ball fields, parking lots, a lodge and a war memorial. And of course everything is handicapped accessible, something the birds could care less about.

Bobolinks like meadows and my father used to walk these fields and sketch the Bobolinks. He projected pages from his sketchbooks of drawings he made “en plein air” of the Bobolinks in these very fields. Development comes with a steep cost. And something as simple as a meadow is like heaven to birds and birdwatchers.

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  1. ds Says:

    I miss the Nightingales on their early summer trek thru my locale. Only a few this year, and always singing from a distance that made me strain to hear. Caught a few close up out on Long Island tho. Their ever changing call is like a K-Tel Greatest Hits LP of everything they’ve been hearing on their journey, from other birds to car alarms & sirens.

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