Make America Great Again

Bunch of small bananas from Wegman's

Do bananas seem ridiculously cheap? Everybody eats bananas and they don’t grow anywhere near here. How do they get them all way up here for next to nothing? Our Wegmans was out of the regular sized ones this week so we bought a bunch of these little guys. Is there something we can do with our trade deals to make these things cost more?

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  1. Martin Edic Says:

    You don’t have to worry. All store bananas are clones because the plants don’t reproduce. So every banana is the same variety. They did this because the previous, better, variety all died in the fifties due to a disease. All of them. Now the current variety are diseased and dying (same monoculture problem). So we won’t have banana for awhile and they will get very expensive because they have to replace every plant.

  2. Martin Edic Says:

    Btw, those small bananas are their attempt to gradually wean us from the ones we are used to (avoided obvious Trump joke, sort of…).

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