Touch Down

Cobbs Hill Resevoir and radio tower in Rochester, New York

Sixty seven years ago today my mom and I were up in the natal section of Saint Mary’s Hospital on Genesee Street, across from Bull’s Head Plaza. That would be where and when I touched down. I can’t say I remember it but I can say my childhood felt like a dream.

When my father brought home his first car we’d come up here to Cobb’s Hill overlooking the city. He’d pull off to the the side of the road that rings the reservoir and my mom would spread out a blanket. We would wolf down our sandwiches and run around the park. At this marker, April 28, formerly the feast day of Saint Paul of the Cross, I can say it has been fantastic ride.

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  1. Martin Edic Says:

    I was born at St Mary’s too. And thirty years later I renovated a house one block away, full gut job. That house on York St is long gone. Time…

  2. Katherine Krupp Says:

    Touched down…if that an “aircraft” reference, then I’m glad you landed. If it’s sports reference, then I’m glad you scored. Either way, hope you had a great birthday!

  3. andrea Says:

    birthday love from Sausalito!

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