Susan B’s Bun

Susan B. Anthony crochet wall hanging on East Main Street in Rochester, New York

We tuned into 91.5 on the way home from our Little Theatre gig. They were rebroadcasting the “Live at Hochstein” performance. Mona Seghatoleslami (her name is so much to pronounce) was introducing the Arvo Part composition, “Fratres,” Peggi’s favorite piece from today’s noon-time concert. Peggi was in the house and thought could hear herself applauding at the end of the work. It was a beautiful ride home.

After the noon concert Peggi stopped by Sew Green on West Main Street to see the wall hanging that she helped create. She took the photo above. Volunteers were given pink, white and black yarn and a crochet pattern for a 2 foot by 2 foot section of this mural. Peggi’s square had the lower back end of Susan B’s bun.

Artist Olek’s mural is one in a series of 50 planned installations across America celebrating important women throughout U.S. history

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  1. Martin Edic Says:

    Little known, unpopular fact about Susan B: she partnered with a famous white supremacist in a futile attempt to revive her campaign. It cost her the relationship with Douglass and permanently damaged her reputation. Women may have gotten the vote earlier if she had not done this.

  2. Martin Edic Says:

    Source is a PBS doc on her and Stanton.

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