Road Mask

Catalytic converter cover found on Wisner Road in Rochester, New York

We were out riding our bikes and Peggi spotted this catalytic-convertor cover on Wisner Road. I don’t even see them anymore. I collected them for years. Early spring before the city sweeps the streets is the best time to find them. And of course you need to be on your bike to even see them. They get run over until they are as flat as a pancake. I had this Road Mask piece in Tap and Mallet when they opened. No idea where it is today.

My camera card has been acting funny. I think I mentioned this a while back. Sometimes I can’t change the names of the jpegs on it unless I copy the files onto my hard drive. And sometimes I can’t drag the files I don’t want to the trash. I am not allowed.

This morning I put the card in my computer and things were working fine. I had five really nice photos on there and I was allowed to rename the ones I wanted to keep. There were three photos of clouds from yesterday, really dramatic looking cumulus clouds set against a dark black cloud with brilliant blue sky behind it all. We had just finished dinner with my sister at Vic’s Place and she was having a cigarette in the parking lot. I saved three of the cloud photos, real beauties. There was one of a tiny baby rabbit on the lawn in front of Writers and Books. And a shot from the forth floor stairwell leading up to Colleen Buzzard’s studio in the Anderson Building. I was looking at a row of turn-of-the-last-century buildings with saw-tooth rooftops which used to allow natural light in for the factory workers before electricity came along. That shot was just at dusk in low light.

It occurred to me that I was renaming the files on the card and my next thought was, “I wonder if I can drag them to the trash?” I could and I did and I dumped it.


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  1. Casey Says:

    I think we still have Road Mask at Tap and Mallet, It feels like I look at it often or at least I used to. I will check on this……

  2. andrea stim Says:

    yoo hoo! x0x

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