Meditation On The Mugshot

Three "Models From Crime Page" paintings 1999, 2009, 2008 by Paul Dodd from "Witness" show at Rochester Contemporary through November 12, 2017

Peggi and I stopped by Rochester Contemporary to take some pictures of the show. I brought my tripod and set the timer to ensure the shots would be in focus. I was prepared to use the incandescent or florescent setting on my camera but the cast from RoCo’s’ led lights looked most natural in the auto mode. Peggi took a movie of the show, walking from front to back, panning slowly along each of the walls in and out of the round video room, sound the display case and back up to the front. I’ll post that here when she gets it edited.

For me the best thing about the show is the freedom it gives me to move beyond it. I will surly revisit the theme, my “meditation on the mugshot” as Bleu calls it. I keep coming back. But for now I am moving on. Have you seen the most recent Crimestopper page?

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