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Duane in orange hat Broadway Subway stop

Not everyone can get away with wearing a bright orange hat. Peggi’s father could get away with it. I borrowed one from Rich Stim when we were in SF and I look pretty silly in Peggi’s photos. Duane is right at home in a bright orange hat and that is good for us.

We stay at his place when we’re in NY. We sleep on his couch and run around the city with him. But it is easy to get separated in a crowd or in a museum or while darting in and out of subway cars. Peggi and I are always looking around at everything and we can get separated from Duane, the only one who knows where he is going, in a second.

The trains were all screwed up last weekend. Some of the lines were closed. They were replacing the third rail on the F train near Duane’s place. We took trains past our intended stop only to switch and come back on another train. We went downtown when we were headed uptown. You can see from this photo that Duane, like most New Yorkers, gets in the zone when he’s in the subway. Its not at all like driving a car. You don’t have to keep your eyes on the road and you want to go somewhere else in your head while you’re traveling the same route over and over. We leave all the strategizing to Duane. We gawk with one eye on the orange hat.

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