Saying Goodbye

Rochester Contemporary "Witness" show with Bug  Jar Mugshots, 3 "Models From Crime Page" and large 2017 oil painting by Paul Dodd

Today was the last day for the Witness exhibition. We stopped by yesterday for a last visit. My brother, John, was there, studying my father’s sketchbooks. Peggi and I were in the round, video-installation room making another video of the video of mugshot sources. The first attempt had a few glitches and Peggi walked in front of the camera at one point. I felt like it added scale but she wanted to do it again.

We were almost done when we heard a lot of conversation out in the main room. A group of eight people or so were talking about the paintings. One guy thought one of my portraits looked like him and he was posing in front of it. Someone else was making a video and talking into the microphone. Bleu, the gallery director came out of the back room and greeted everyone. He told someone that I was the artist and I was introduced to the others.

Rahsaan. P. was the name of the guy making the movie. He said he plans to use the footage he shot of the show in a video he is making with a singer. The song is called, “The Mona Kiesha” and he said it should be available on his video channel by Thanksgiving. One of the guys with him is known as the “Tarmac Dancer.” Country singer, Terry McBride, was flying out of Rochester and he shot this video of Kyran Ashford doing his job at the airport.

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