ME, formerly Personal FX on South Clinton Avenue in Rochester, New York

Bobby Moore cut Peggi’s hair a few times. This was back in the early eighties. He worked out of this building on South Clinton but it had another name, something with “More” in it maybe. I can’t remember. He used to come see the band. You would not forget him if you knew him.

He died of Aids back when it killed a bunch of our friends. Someone else took over the shop, another hairdresser, and they called it Personal FX, which was pretty close to the name of our band, “Personal Effects.” That sign stayed on the building for over twenty years even though the tenant had left.

Recently we spotted a new sign on the front of the place. The South Wedge is still coming up! This time they have the abbreviations for our current band. “ME”

Margaret Explosion - Holiday

Margaret Explosion – Holiday

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    Something Moore was the name.

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