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En Plen Air

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Rick Muto oil on panel,  plein air painting of marsh along Sterling Creek 8" x 6,"  on view at Axom Gallery in Rochester New York

Axom Gallery, across the street from the Barrel ‘O Dolls, is one of the nicest spaces for art in the city of Rochester. We have seen so many really good shows there over the years and we have slowly gotten to know Rick and Robin Muto, the gallery owners. Rick runs his decorative and fine art business (murals, faux pieta dura and marbling) out of their space. Robin runs her interior decorating business and increasingly her retail shop out of another portion of their space and their daughter used to be the gallery director but she took a job at the MAG and Rick is now the gallery director.

Rick’s passion though is en plein air oil painting and he has a show at Axom now with twenty exquisite paintings of local nature scenes. Rick told us he usually finishes these paintings on site in one session. We spend a lot of time in the woods and I would say his sense of space and color is spot on. I particularly like the ones that look the loosest, the most expressive, like this one of the “Marsh Along Sterling Creek.”

Can you imagine going out for the day and coming back with one of these? If I could do that I would throw away my camera.