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Brilliant Corners

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Art work on the floor for the upcoming  Small Works Show at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, New York

If I have my Refrigerator hat on I’m either splitting wood or cross-country skiing. If you know someone who participates in either of those activities I have great Cyber-Monday, $10 gift suggestion. I’m quite sure Thelonious Monk wasn’t thinking about stacking firewood when he named his song but that’s what I was thinking when I built the first corner for a new stack. Of course when I stepped back to admire it looked like the Tower of Pisa.

Our neighbor was out chopping up leaves with his mower and he stopped to chat. He has pretty much given up on the Bills this year. And I’m trying to decide whether to give up on or support the Rhinos by buying season tickets for next year. The current owners have been trying to raise a million plus in the next few weeks or they’re threatening to sell the team. This used to be “Soccer Town.”

Beautiful Game

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Cheerleaders at Rochester Rhinos game

We are already gearing up for World Cup 2010 around here so we made a point of stopping by Maureen Outlaw’s place to watch the Confederations Cup on her bad ass tv. It seemed like a miracle when the US beat the European champion, Spain. And here they were facing Brazil in the final. The US was ahead 2-0 at the half and then fell apart. They didn’t really fall apart so much as Brazil just turned on their beautiful game, scored three times and defeated the United States 3-2.

There was a two for one coupon offer in yesterday’s paper for admission to the Rochester Rhino’s game downtown. At around five o’clock the sky cleared and it looked like a perfect night for a soccer game so we bought tickets in the upper deck at the midfield line. By the time we got to the stadium it was raining and they delayed the game when lightning struck. We hung around and had 2 dollar Utica Clubs in cans. Didn’t even know that brewery was still in business. The game started about an hour late.

The Rhinos played really well, the best performance I had ever seen from them, and they tied Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew 1-1 in regulation time. Because this too was a tournament they wen to a penalty kick phase. This really cheapens the whole experience because it is such a crap shoot after such a long slog but the Rhinos won and we cheered.