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Flash Update

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

The Italian American Club in Rochester, New York

We had never been to the Italian American Club out on Buffalo Road so it was a real treat to be invited there to meet the 2016 Western New York Flash. This club is where all the original support for the Rochester Lancers came from and the reason we were able to see the great Pelé play here. Since we went to every home game last season we bought season tickets holders this year and thus were invited here to meet the team. Each table of fans, there were eight at our table, had a Flash player joining them for dinner. Sabrina D’Angelo’s name was printed on tent card at our table but it was crossed out and Liz Eddy’s name was written in. Sabrina is Canada’s national goalie and one of our favorites but midfielder, Liz Eddy, is one of the hardest working players on the team. Liz was the first call sub last year for the Flash and started last week’s season premier where the Flash beat the the two-time league champion, FC Kansas City. We watched that game on YouTube and Eddy was in top form.

We had a chance to chat with the new head coach, Paul Riley. He’s from Liverpool, and had coached Hope Solo’s team in Portland for the last few years. He was just hired here so he didn’t have much to do with the draft pick but he told us he was really pleased with the team he found here. He was just beaming about the way his team played in Kansas City.

We bought raffle tickets from Samantha Mewis. She is is currently on the cusp of being chosen for the eighteen player US Olympic rooster. She is five eleven and she was wearing tall heels. I sort of hope she doesn’t make the cut so we won’t lose her for a month or so. We watched a soccer game going on behind the building and the players, all men, were old, as in my age. Last time I played summer soccer was with some Italian pick up group that played at East High. Just a block from house I would crawl home and lay on the floor for an hour or so after the games.

I told Eddy we liked routing for her last year and were happy to see her starting. I told her the way she hustled reminded me of Heather O’Reily. She liked that a lot and told me she liked my hair. She asked if I played and I told her I did, for Indiana, a long time ago. She said, “You must have been really good.” I just let that go. The whole Flash team posed for a shot after dinner.

I’m try to think of some promotional gimmick or something I could do to get more people out for the Flash’s opening game on April 29th. As they say, this is such a great product.

Flash Mob

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Sidney Laroux autographs ball before WNY Flash game vs. Chicago Red Stars

We got to the game especially early tonight. We are usually there early enough to see the practice rounds but tonight Sidney Laroux was signing autographs so we got there before six. The scene was something akin to the English invasion with all the high pitched screaming. Sidney opted to have surgery on her foot after the World Cup and is out for the season so the Flash put her to work with the pen. The nuns in my grade school would not have tolerated her grip but penmanship is so over.

The Flash lost again. Peggi says, “They fought valently.” They played really well, quick passes and great ball movement but they can not put that final piece together.

Christen Press, center forward for the Chicago Red Stars and the national team’s scoring hope for the near future got a well deserved unassisted goal and then assisted on their second. I cheered for both goals. It was a great game. Their last game of the season is On Friday night. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Mint Juleps

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

The Flash Mob with Todd Bradley Western New York Flash home opener 2015

We had to leave home before the race started so we missed this year’s running of the Kentucky Derby. Peggi and I went to it on our first date, the year Secretariat won, and lately we’ve been in the habit of driving or riding our bikes down to the lake to watch the race at O’Laughlins overlooking the river and Port of Rochester. But this year we had a conflict. The Flash were playing their home opener.

Kerry Regan and Claire pulled into the parking space next to us and they didn’t have tickets either so we bought four from a guy on the street for ten dollars each. Without Abby Wambach and Carli Lloyd and all the players they traded away, the attendance was way down so we ignored the seat assignments and sat where we wanted. And as luck would have it forwards Sidney Leroux and Jasmyne Spencer switched sides so we had a great view of the action.

The match was against Boston so I was hoping to see my favorite player in the league, Heather O’Reilly, but apparently they traded her to Kansas City. Kansas City will be here Friday to meet the Flash but by then all the national team players will be training for this summer’s World Cup.

The Flash played pretty good in the first half but dominated the game in the second and scored three goals against Boston’s Alyssa Naeher, the national team’s backup to Hope Solo. All three of the goals were solid. Sydney’s was picture perfect as she moved right and shot back to the left near the post. Kristin Edmonds is back on defense and playing like she really wants the ball. She’s always moving to an open space and covers a lot of ground. She plays like O’Reilly and I would put her at midfield if I was coach.

The Flash Mob, shown above, sounded better than ever last night, even added some new samba beats so it was no surprise to see Todd Bradley playing with them. He’s recently put together a Bossa Nova combo with his two brothers and Brian Williams.

We Must Rebel Against Defeat

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Security after WNY Flash game in Rochester, New York

We were going to take a day off from soccer but we got sucked into the England/Uruguay game this afternoon. We cheered for Australia yesterday and and then of course Spain, both to no avail. I even put on my España national team gear. And then we headed downtown for the Flash game. Insatiable, I guess.

You would think the World Cup would have spoiled us but the Flash are playing superbly. They were without their national team members last night but that hardly mattered. They played more like a team without Carly controlling play in the center and Abby Abby hulking near the goal.

Lydia Williams is solid in the goal. I’m not longing for Adrianna Franch with every shot on goal. Taylor and especially Reynolds are tough defenders and fun to watch. Zerboni, Salem and Losada are all hustlers in the midfield and able to turn the play around in surprising fashion. Adrianna is my favorite all around player. She is non-stop, free from her forward position but always moving to the right spot. A real pro. She would certainly be on our national team if she wasn’t from Spain. Samantha Kerr is wild. She had an amazing goal last night, from the far right corner over the goalie into the far left side of the net. And how could you not love the way Jasmyne Spencer plays. She is so tiny and so fast. She is a delight to watch as she maneuvers around opponents.

If I wasn’t afraid I’d miss the play I would join the “Flash Mob,” the rag tag percussion ensemble. They sit in stands behind the far goal and make the matches feel like they’re happening in a foreign country.

The Lonely Goalkeeper

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Adrianna Franch takes goal kick for Western New York Flash

We got there about an hour before last night’s game, in time to stand behind the goal on the blacktop and watch the WNY Flash warm up. The person who was working the hardest by far was the goalie, Adrianna Franch. The goalkeepers’ coach, Scott Vallow (former Rhinos goalkeeper), took shots at Adrianna for twenty minutes and then the team took turns shooting at her. We watched Abby boot three shots over the goal and the fence. Carli Lloyd scored twice in a thrilling game, the last one coming in stoppage time well after the 90 minute mark. The Flash play Portland in the league finals next Saturday at 8pm.

Number Nine

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Boston's Heather O'Reilly playing WNY Flash in Rochester

Abby Wambach was sitting out last night’s game with a possible concussion and Carly Lloyd, the other US national team member playing for the Flash, was sidelined with a knee injury. If you wonder how much of a difference a few great players make to a team’s performance I’m hear to tell you it must mean a lot. The Flash could not move the ball from one end of the field to the other. They continually booted it and hoped for he best. Boston’s two national team members, Sydney Larraux and Heather O’Reilly were clearly playing on another level but their team was supportive and able to continually move the ball in small steps toward the goal.

Here’s my old man analysis. Lereaux seems too shapely to play the game but she’s deceptively quick and can out finesse the best. O’Reilly’s a tomboy with more energy and enthusiasm then anyone on the field but she is also a strategic player who feels the flow of the game and positions herself accordingly at all times. It was delight cheering for her as she scored two goals to defeat the home team.