Blake Tartare at the Rochester Jazz Festival

Back to Montage for Blake Tartare's ten o'clock show. Is there such a thing as punk jazz? If so, these guys hold the crown. I don't mean to imply any lack of musical ability, I just want to emphasize their wild streak. Michael Blake is the leader but he called a song, a cover of a Curtis Mayfield tune, which led to a few minutes of discussion amongst the band and then the decision to launch into another song. Blake lives in New York and the other three live in Copenhagen. I can't imagine how they pull this off. They did an encore with the Slickers "Johnny Too Bad" complete with an audience sing-a-long. But that wasn't enough. They stayed on stage and improvised a whistling (the piano player is playing the beer bottle) song with percussion that brought the house down again. They were the most exciting group of the festival so far. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next