Hakon Kornstad at Rochester Internation Jazz Festival

Hakon Kornstad was the perfect ending to what I would consider the best Jazz Fest yet. He plays solo sax and improvises on his own sketches. He plays with the sound of the room and prefers churches like this one and the one across the street from his home in Oslo where he has recorded an album. He is like the performers you catch in a subway, except in this case, your train doesn't come for an hour and you are perfectly content. Kornstad plays with an obsolete sampler/looper and creates his own organic, rhythmic and sometimes synthetic sounding backing tracks. He continues to improvise over this and quote "Summertime" in case you forgot where you were. On top of all this, he whistles and plays flute and then sings arias from his favorite operas. This was a beautiful performance and one of our favorites. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next