Stretch Orchestra at Rochester International Jazz Festival

If only the hyperactive Kevin Breit would skip the shred tendencies in his solos, his band would have a killer sound. We stood in the back of the room for a bit and were next to a guy doing a Joe Cooker air guitar imitation complete with wild tongue action mking it was clear that guitar players love Kevin Breit. The band includes Dave Brubeck's son on electric cello and Jesse Stewart on drums. Jessie has played with Roswell Rudd, Bill Dixon, William Parker, Evan Parker, Joe McPhee and Pauline Olivero, all heroes of the avant-garde, but his playing was grounded and so right on he could make any band sound great. The Stretch Orchestra has a Frisell Intercontinentals vibe and they opened with their best song and performed a gorgeous version of Moon River with bowed cello. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next