Antonio Sanchez & Migration at Rochester International Jazz Festival

The line for Antonio Sanchez & Migration at Kilbourn Hall wasn't as bad as we expected considering the big splash in the paper and, of course, the movie "Birdman" for which Sanchez did the soundtrack. I loved the freshness of the drum tracks in the movie, what seemed like spontaneous interactions or dialog with the script and I guess I was expecting some elements of that in his performance. Instead his, "Meridian Suite," performed in its entirety for only the third time, was pretty tightly arranged with very little room for improvisation, an extremely ambitious project.

The sparser sections worked the best for. The sax playing one of the main themes, the bass playe back on the double bass, the piano pretty and the vocalist was given some air. I liked hearing her double lines with Seamus Blake's sax or wind controller and I loved the the rattiness in the Fender Rhodes. The vocalist sampled a section of her voice and caught some feedback which of course came around every time it looped and I watched Sanchez wince each time. One snare drum would not be enough for Antonio Sanchez so he plays with two and he has an extra bass drum pedal for his left foot. He is a phenomenal drummer.

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