Roy Marshall at Rochester International Jazz Festival

We stuck our head into the Wilder Room but the band sounded way too ordinary.

We caught Phil Marshall's son, Roy, playing on the Gibb's Street stage in an odd combo with kids and maybe a music teacher on bass. Roy sound like a million bucks.

Drummer playingin East Avenue at Rochester International Jazz Festival

This guy was playing congas on East Avenue while we chatted with Bleu in front of RoCo.

Binker and Moses at Rochester International Jazz Festival

Binker and Moses, a duo with sax and drums tore it up in Christ Church. They used the ambience here like street performers in a giant subway station. They reached for the sky like those Coltrane and Rashid Ali duos near the end of Coltrane's life. But this wasn't all they had. The next number reminded me of something a band would play in an early 60's movie where the partygoers, drinks hoisted, would form a conga line and dance out of the living room. How old are these guys?

Bonarama at Rochester International Jazz Festival

We only heard Bonarama long enough for Peggi too go to the bathroom and we were out of there. Horrendous, bombastic sound.

Iris Bergcrantz Group at house party next door to the Little at Rochester International Jazz Festival

We tried Iris Bergcrantz Group at the Lutheran Church but no luck. Not much of a line-up tonight.We made an early night of it.

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