Webster RL Thomas Class of 1968 40th Reunion
Saturday, September 20, 2008

RL Thomas Class of 1968

09.08.08 Hope everyone who attended had good time. If you have some photos that you would like to share, please send them to Bruce King. Here is a link to the photos that Bruce has posted.

Webster RL Thomas Class of 1968

Reunion Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008
Place: VFW Post 8495, 300 Macedon Center Rd. Fairport, New York 14450
Time: 7:00 – 12:00
Dinner: Catered by “Proietti”s Italian Restaurant

Cost: $40.00  per person 
Please mail your payments by August 1st, 2008 to secure your reservation. 
You must have a reservation to attend.
Please make checks payable to
Lori Mastowski 1389 Lake Road Webster, New York 14580

Cash bar available at VFW prices
Entertainment:  We will have a DJ  playing 60's music

A List of Missing Graduates is at the bottom of this page.
Please help us locate these people!!!

09.08.08 The committee met one last time at Lori's house to discuss last minute details. We are almost all set for the party! See you soon. Email Lori to make last minute reservations. You must buy tickets in advance to attend.

08.11.08 We met at Loris and nominated Doug Klick, Colin Pinkney and Mike Rifenstein to be the MCs. They were picked because they weren't at this meeting. We discussed blue and white decorations which we plan to purchase at the Party Store. Lori has received checks from over 100 people. We have more enough checks to pay for the hall and diner so we are all set for the reunion.

07.29.08 We met at the VFW and have secured the hall. Drinks will be three dollars at the bar. Dinner and a DJ will be provided. Get your tickets now.

06.02.08 We met at Lori's house. We didnt accomplish much. We sort of hung around and had a good time talking. Lori is doing most of the work, this much is clear. We addressed post cards to mail to old addresses of the people we have not heard from. Please email Lori with your email address and any email addresses that you have for other classmates so we can keep costs down. We didn't have a 30th because we were unable to secure enough reservations to pay our deposit. Please help us get the word out!

05.08.08 - We met at Diane Dayton's home on May 8th. We confirmed Proietti's for catering and decided on a menu that includes Tossed Salad, Baked Ziti, Chicken Marsala, Italian Sausage, Rolls and Butter. We will provde dessert. There will be a cash bar at VFW prices.

04.08.08 - Eight of us met a Lori's house. Lori had new spread sheets with updated information. She has been busy and now has over sixty email addresses of graduates. We discussed locations and have tentatively decided on the VFW in Fairport. We hope to hire Proietti's to cater the event and we will have a DJ. Please help us contact other classmates. Ask them to email Lori to get on the mailing list.

03.26.08 - A small group met at Lori (Short) Mastowski's house to begin planning the 40th Reunion. We picked a tennative date for the reunion and we are trying to confirm a location for the event.

03.11.08 - Lori (Short) Mastowski compiles a list of 1968 graduates with known and unknown addresses. She attempts to confirm addresses. We only have 41 email addresses at this point.

12.07.07 - Alan Buyck emailed a group of about thirty people who had registered at the Webster Alumni website. This got the ball rolling. Now we need to contact more classmates!

RLT 40th Reunion Committee:
Doug Klick, Diane (Dayton) Riley, Colin Pinkney, Lori 
(Short) Mastowski, Mike Reifenstein, Paul Dodd, Jeff Munson, Bruce and Mary King, Joan (Weissegger) Festa 

Please e-mail Lori to get on the mailing list!


RL Thomas Class of 1968

1968 RL Thomas Class of 1968 Yearbook Committee

Please Help Us Contact These Classmates!

Missing 1968 Graduates

Below is a list of missing classmates.  Please look this over and see if you know where any of them are. Ask them to email: lori_mastowski@websterschools.org.
to get on the invitation list. Or send a street address if there is no email.
We hope to see all of you at the Reunion!

Jack Alexander
Robert Altavela
Linda (Anderson) Doody  (Daniel)
Jean (Andres) Galligan
Bonnie (Bleier) Connell  (Frank)
Kathy (Blewitt) Yavorski   (Frank)
Sam Bornt
Lauren (Bortle) Allenbach
Carol (Bothwell) Paufler
David Bradstreet
Kathie Brewer
Ruta (Burkunas) Nickson   (Rich)
Cheryl Burton
Elaine (Butterwegge) Mracna
David Campbell
Rebecca (Caudle) Benjamin
Ed Christopherson
Bryan Church
John Claesgens
Dave Coles
Terry Cooper
Mike Cronk
Carolyn Curry
Tom D'Amico
Doug Davis
Karen (Davis) Halpuch
Laurie (Davis) Holden
Ruth (Devuyst) Schaffer
Louis DiPaolo
Patricia (Dolan) Buechel
Dave Dudley
Mary Dugan
Majorie Ebeling
Elaine (Ensign) Hunt
Bob Ernst
Gail Falk
Beverly (Falkowsky) Bryant
Joe Ferraro
Glenn Flemming
Keith Forsberg
Rick Frederiksen
Charles Friz
Rodney Frost
Kathy (Fruscione) Arnold   (Michael)
Nina Gaby
Richard Giali
Michael Gilmore
John Grayko
Nancy (Gurgel) Eggers   (Nelson)
Marvin Haberland
John Halstead
Valerie (Hare) Janci
William Hargarther
Linda Harper
Sue (Harper) Eckert
Marty Harter
Mike Herbst
Linda Herring
Fritz Hertel
Tom Hilfiker
Ann (Howland) Bolton   (Richard)
Bob Hoyt
Marjorie (Huehn) Boss
Stephen Jacque
Terry Kibler
Paul King
Paul Kinsella
Kathleen (Kolb) Reetz  (Horst)
Frank Kramell
Bob Krueger
John Kusse
Janet (Langenheim) Cordingly
Melissa (Lasher) Chuck Page
Carol Leone
Kathy (Lewis) Bianchi
Bob Lieberman
Bruce Lingberg
Steve Ludwig
Cynthia (Lyon) Cuevas    (Carlos)
Bob Madden
Robin (Magar) Short   (Norm)
Mary Magin
Susan Marino
Mary Ann Marzucco
Russ Mason
Walter Maylon
Mary Jane (McCarthy) James
Peggy (McCoy) Herlan
Connie (McHugh) Casella   (Fred)
Ted McKibben
Sandra Meily
Ed Merkel
Barbara (Meyer) Diehl
Mary Lou (Meyer) Oberg
Frank Millan
Roger Miner
Bill Morrison
Debbie (Mott) Moak
Jodi Nosser
Allyn Papegaay
Dennis Pavone
William Pitt
Tom Porter
Nancy (Prinzing) Macdonald  (John)
Charles Rasbach
Raymond Richmond
John Rice
Robert Rogan
Gary Salamone
Matt Sanfilippo
Sue (Satta) Enright
Marsha (Schattner) Brennan
Steve Schroeder
Chris (Schultz) Henderson  (Leonard)
Sandra (Scott) Ladd
Sindra (Scott) Cunningham
Paul Secore
Gail (Sedor) Keklikos
Paul Shriver
Suzanne Smiley
Chuck Smith
Laura Smith
Roger Snyder
Charles Stanton
Bill Strong
Carol (Thomas) Ferre
Doug Thomas
Karen Thompson
Paul Thompson
Charleen Toole
Kathy (Toung) Reed  (Rich)
Carol Vanbuskirk
Dawn (VanDame) Hoffman
Dave VanPamelen
Sandy Vastola
Lorraine (Wahl) Forget  (Timothy)
Neil Wahl
Steve Walsh
Patricia Wanamaker
Alan Warner
Mark Watson
John Welch
Margo Wickham
Tom Wilbert
Ron Williamson
Dave Wilson
Mike Wilton
Tim Wing
Tresa (Wood) Howell
Wendy Wood
Richard Woodruff
Joanne (Wright) Smith  (Peter)
Mary Ann (Wright) Penkona
Shirley (Woblewski) Shaver
Nina (Zalinczuk) Gangi
Richard Zink

Please e-mail Lori to get on the mailing list!