Irondequoit Melon

I managed to ride my bike home from Wegmans this morning with a pretty big watermelon under my arm. I made a fruit salad and we slugged it out in 4D’s office. Skipped the pool today and tried to make some progress on a few web sites. We talked about driving down to NYC this weekend and then we considered heading up to the mountains but we didn’t make any big decisions. Peggi made pesto for dinner and we got back to work.

We were planning on hearing Frank De Blase’s talk at the George Eastman House tonight. “Peel and Squeal Appeal” Va va voom! Beach bunnies, bathing beauties, hotrod honeys—Frank De Blase goes beyond the norm to photograph the female form but work comes first.


2 Replies to “Irondequoit Melon”

  1. Irondequoit melons were (yes, past tense) big bumpy cantelopes with fleshy sweet fruit. Not watermelons.
    And they were the best melons…

    BTW, the spellchecker wants me to spell them ‘cantaloups’. Is that right?

  2. Can someone tell us where to buy Irondequoit Melons? Preferably in the Finger Lakes or Rochester area. Thanks!

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