Dos Peregrinas

Sunrise over Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Santiago
Sunrise over Santiago de Compostela on the Camino de Santiago

Did I really pick up a cool looking rock and put it in the bottom of my backpack on our second day out? We bought food for breakfast this morning and then found out el desayuno está incluido so our bags were extra heavy for the walk to Negreira. It may have have been the prettiest day of the whole Camino. The temperature was in the mid seventies and Galicia is so lush it seems they could anything they want here.

Santiago is perfectly livable city. A class of college art students was out in the Plaza yesterday drawing the Cathedral. I dreamed about what it would like going to school here all day. And then last night I came awake dreaming a dog had grabbed ahold of my leg from the rear. A real walkers’ nightmare.

Marble tile is everywhere here. And where ours is a quarter inch thick. In Spain it is a half inch or thicker. It’s not only on walls and floors, it’s outside on sidewalks. Masons are at work wherever you look either putting new tile in or repairing old stone walls and walkways. A lot of it is big pieces of rough cut stone or just field stone. You can hardly tell if a wall was built yesterday or five hundred years ago. The trade/craft/artform has endured.

We had a new beer in Santiago, a craft beer that is made right here. It’s called “Peregrina,” named after us, the pilgrims.

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