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City Newspaper ad for the Bug Jar featuring Margaret Explosion Fedruary 1997
City Newspaper ad for the Bug Jar featuring Margaret Explosion Fedruary 1998

Looks like this will be our twenty-first year as a band. It still seems brand new but here’s the proof, this Bug Jar ad for the “Loosest Happy Hour on Earth.” That’s probably Bug Jar Bob’s copywriting. I can still see Steve Brown behind the bar in his white shirt, wanting to talk about investing during our break while Casey did all the work.

Twenty one years and we still haven’t had a practice. That would spoil the whole thing. That’s why I got such a kick out of Frank De Blase’s article in City, “Too Much Practice Is Bad For You.” “If you see a band on stage smiling all of a sudden, then you probably just witnessed a mistake that was handled quickly, with the intuition left intact and unsoiled by too much rehearsal.” I would add, If you see a band with their eyes closed they are probably all listening to one another wondering where the song is gonna go because they have never played it before.

Margaret Explosion plays the Little Theatre Café Wednesday 7-9. Here’s a song from twenty years ago.

Margaret Explosion CD "Happy Hour" (EAR 9) on Earring Records, released 2003
Margaret Explosion CD “Happy Hour” (EAR 9) on Earring Records, released 2003
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  1. When I, and occasionally Paul, played with Dave Ripton, we had random practices but each gig was something different, and we often had drummers who I’d never seen before. Unlike ME, we had songs, but they were frameworks. When it worked, it was great. When it didn’t, m’eh…but I loved the unknown aspect.

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