Red Ride

Casey's Corsa Corvair parked outside of Hermie's place on South Union Street
Casey’s Corsa Corvair parked outside of Hermie’s place on South Union Street

Ever notice how the coolest car’s aren’t even locked? Peggi and I were doing the downtown Landmark Society tour, walking from the luxury lofts in the Sagamore to Craig Jenson’s architect office on South Union when we spotted this red Corsa Corvair parked in front of Skylark lounge.

We knew it had to be Casey’s so we stopped in to say hi. He was sitting with Carpenter Al at the the bar and they told us they were redoing the old Otter Lounge on Monroe Avenue in the Tap & Mallet mold. Casey told us he had put 3,000 miles on his car this summer just driving around town. Fifty years ago Joe Barrett, Dave Mahoney and I drove to Woodstock in a turquoise Corvair, Joe’s mom’s. It wasn’t a convertible though.

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  1. When I was a kid, Steve Hacks father drove a Corvair that had a rusted out floor in the back. You could see the road flying by underneath. He used to say “just keep your feet up”. It was like being in Fred Flintstones car.

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