Bar Car

Steve Black is back in town with a new collection of video footage. It has been a joy to watch him work. He commandeered Peggi’s computer and finished this one last night in iMovie.

We managed to lose another set of Margaret Explosion music. Ever since Bob Martin left town it has been somewhat a struggle for us to get our sets recorded. This time we remembered to to turn on before we started but one off us unplugged the power before the Zoom recorder had written the files. You’d think the battery would take over in a situation like that but it doesn’t work either. There was some interesting stuff in the first set. Peggi played keyboards with her good hand and led us in a particularly good fugue. Mark Bradley played tenor sax and Roy Marshall played drums in the second set and made sound like pros.


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  1. Tell Steve the video is beautiful. His videos with your music make me realize that these visual accompaniments are what has been missing from the band all these years. They complete what has always felt incomplete to me. And I love the keyboards.
    But, and this probably my iPad, you cannot hear any bass. Undoubtedly the low res output is part of that but I wonder if your recording setup is not grabbing the low end.

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