Day Fifty Nine

Gentle waves on Lake Ontario
Gentle waves on Lake Ontario

There was hardly anyone out this morning. Must have been the low temperatures and the threat of rain. The gentle waves hitting the shoreline had me in a meditative state. I could have walked all the way to Niagara Falls where my cousins are having a closed funeral for my Aunt Ann. We perfected this state while walking the coastline of Portugal last year on our third Camino.

The waves work like a mantra because they are not perfectly timed. I take that back. They are perfectly timed but not quantized. And each wave sounds different from the last. It is nothing like a drum sample. I paid 45 dollars to learn TM when I was in college. The person who gave me my mantra told me not to time it with my breath or say it in a rhythmic way but just let it be the next thought each time. This is really tough for a drummer but I got it.

Right now I would like to just drift off with these wave and let them wash this whole thing away. This is Day 59.


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  1. I’m curious when you started your day count. Mine is from March 15 and I’m at 52. The 14th was the last day I saw people going into the bars at East and Alex wearing silly green clothes. And I count breaths during my practice. But we know TM was just made up, right? As long as it works…

  2. I checked my math. Our last Margaret Explosion gig was Wednesday, March 11. We had friends over for dinner on Friday, March 13. We still have the extra leaf in our table. Steve Black, who was staying with us for while, left that day and we began counting. I majored in math for one semester.

  3. Yeah, I think I missed a few days but I’m sticking with my numbers! Who cares anyways?

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