Yellow Lilly iIn Jared's Pond
Yellow Lilly iIn Jared’s Pond

Our tomato plants are now taller than I am. And more importantly they are taller than our stakes. Peggi reminded me that other years we strapped extensions onto the existing stakes so that may be tomorrow’s project. We have more plants than ever this year, two different kinds, all started from Fruition seed. We don’t get full sun, maybe four hours a day, so they are probably reaching for as much light as they can get.

Peggi got stung by a ground bee on walk yesterday. Her second bee experience in her long life. Last time it got infected and compounded the hurt so her doctor started her on antibiotics. In line at Wegmans to pick up the subscription she noticed the woman next to her, speaking loudly, was not wearing a mask. Peggi asked the pharmacist how the woman got in without wearing a mask and pharmacist said they can’t force people to wear masks.

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  1. about the mask thing, I asked the same question, they told me the corporate response is to offer people a mask if they enter without one but won’t force anyone to take it and not to refuse service. So far I’ve seen it at both the Hudson and Culver Ridge store.

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