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Fresh corn on the Weber in the backyard
Fresh corn on the Weber in the backyard

My father, who still had a “Kerry/Edwards” sticker on the bottom of his watercolor board when he passed, would be so happy that Biden was chosen as the Democratic nominee. Biden was always his favorite, his type of guy, his type of politician.

I joked that we’d be at my brother’s Covid Corn Roast in our Hazmat suits but that wasn’t necessary. He’s a mason and he had scaffolding set up as tables in his backyard so we could all sit the recommended distance apart. My brother and his wife came up from New Jersey so all seven of the siblings were there.

We surely would have talked politics if our parents were there but we didn’t. I’m really not sure where everyone stands. My sister-in-law loved “The Apprentice” and I really don’t know how she feels about this reality show. I’ve heard some family members badmouth Cuomo, Obama and even Nancy Pelosi. One sister-in-law told us she would be afraid of a Covid vaccine because she doesn’t trust the government. I assume it would have been safe to kick the Trumpster around but we didn’t.

Quite a few of our family members work in or for schools and the plans for a safe return are worrisome. They all were dreading the experiment.

We brought home sweet onions and corn from Schriener’s Farm Stand near my brother’s place. I guess I went to grade school with the guy that owns the place and they recognized me as a Dodd even with my mask. We cooked the corn tonight and recapped

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