Toy Trucks

Toy trucks on Culver Road
Toy trucks on Culver Road

It’s becoming apparent that this summer may not last forever. The Mayapples are turning brown and the deer are feasting on acorns. We still have our fans on. It’s been warm and we don’t have AC. I prefer it that way and am thankful for the tree canopy that surrounds us. If we were still working out of our attic in the city I’d be singing a different tune.

It’s not fair to be in a dream state while the pandemic carries on and California burns but that’s where we find ourselves. The days float by. We divide our coffee consumption into two sessions, one before our walk and one after. We wander on our walk and then spend an hour or so in the garden. Our red pepper plants need some stakes and string as they are laden with fruit. We already lost a branch with peppers. Before stopping down to the pool we try to get some “work” done. For the last four days we’ve been hanging with our friends and neighbors, Jeddy and Helena, as the four of us played woodsmen with a tree they had taken down. Every other day there is a horseshoe game in our front yard. Best out of three and the loser brings a beer to the next match. We’re standing still but the days sail by.

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  1. With this idyllic weather and the world events, it does seem like we are in a dream. It will be interesting to see how we will look back on this. Ironically, this has been a very good year for me personally with creative projects going really well and finances doing ok. But a change is coming and I’m looking for the signs…I do know that that friends with children and grandchildren are facing an entirely different day to day life.

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