A Bonanza

Mirror image of trees along Durand Lake in October
Mirror image of trees along Durand Lake in October

After braving two art shows last week we made reservations for the Warhol show at the MAG. The cow wallpaper and the silver clouds are there along with some of his TV shows. And there are many of his silkscreens there including the Myths series which we owned for many years. We bought the series as a group with my brother and our friend, Kim, in SF from Ronald Feldman Gallery for $6,000 and then sold them at Christie’s in 2017. We stored them all behind our piano on Hall Street until my brother moved out of his Manhattan apartment

The deal was a bit of a gamble because we were buying the prints before Warhol created them. The series was called “Myths” and included The Star, The Witch, Howdy Doody, Uncle Sam, Superman, Mammy, Dracula, Santa Claus, The Shadow, and Mickey Mouse. A bonanza! It will be a thrill to revisit them.

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  1. I remember being there when you received them at Hall St. the unboxing was like finding treasures. Seeing those silkscreens with their final layer of diamond dust was just surreal and very beautiful.

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